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advent calendar

RUB 4900.00Price
  • Advent calendar - an exclusive New Year's gift for children and adults!

    The advent gift includes:

    1. painted gingerbread, 30 pieces 

    made according to an old Russian recipe from delicious goat dough on natural butter - without margarine and cheap substitutes. Gingerbreads have a declaration of conformity with TR CU. Shelf life - 6 months. Each gingerbread is individually wrapped.

    2. mini-cards with simple tasks for every day

    preparation for the New Year holidays and pleasant the excitement before the opening of each task will remain in the memory of both children and adults for a long time

    3.  an envelope with a stamp and a New Year's card for writing to Santa Claus

    4. wooden box with a hinged door, a lock and cells for gingerbread with an inscription (logo can be applied)

    5. kraft packing box 

    6. deliveryby November 30 to the recipient in person



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